Sunday 16 October 2016

Through the High Sierra

Since my last post I've crossed six passes over 10,000 feet high, descended into Kings Canyon, climbed Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the High Sierra and in the 48 contiguous States, and finally descended out of the mountains to Lone Pine in Owens Valley, the first place with a good Internet connection since Reds Meadow. Most significantly though I've revelled in the beauty and splendour of the wilderness.

Now the Sierra Nevada is behind me. Tomorrow I will head up into the desert Inyo Mountains laden with water.

Here are some pictures of the last two weeks.


  1. Once again Chris superb photos of amazing country;hope everything is going as well or better than hoped for; all the best from mark & helen xxx

  2. Love the selfie – hope that was before the coffee break, Chris – JP

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