Monday 31 October 2016

Pictures from Yosemite and the Ansel Adams Wilderness

The view from Red Peak Pass, Yosemite National Park

As I work through the photos from my recent trip I'll post selections here, starting with a few from the first few days of the walk, when the weather was very hot and sunny. I expected to have to deal with the heat and with lack of water in the desert. In fact the hottest weather was at the start of the walk and there was also a lack of water here with many creeks dry.

The first few hours of the walk took me past Liberty Dome and Nevada Falls in Yosemite National Park
Sadler Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness - welcome water!
The North Fork of the San Joaquin River at Hemlock Crossing, Ansel Adams Wilderness - more welcome water.


  1. Oh god mate they just keep coming. It's like Scotland just when you think it can't get any more beautiful you go around a corner.....

  2. After your early encounter with a Black Bear, I'm curious how you dealt with food storage at night on this trip Chris. Did you use a bear canister or Ursack (teamed up with Opsak food storage bags), did you always hang food and, what about when camped higher up above tree line in the alpine zone? Maybe you'll be covering this in an upcoming article. It's certainly one of the big differences between backpacking in the UK and North America and something us Brits need to consider carefully if planning a trip to the Rockies!
    Cheers, Dave Porter

  3. I used a bear canister Dave. One was mandatory in several areas. I sent it back from Lone Pine as I didn't need it after the High Sierra. If canisters aren't a legal requirement I generally don't do anything. On the Pacific Northwest Trail I hung food, as required, in Glacier and the North Cascades National Parks. Otherwise I camped with my food. I only used a canister on the final coastal section in the Olympic National Park where they are required - not because of bears but because of racoons.