Friday 15 September 2023

Scanning memories ......

Scanning slides is time-consuming and requires concentration. It's also fun! Looking through the thousands of slides I took in the pre-digital days of the 1980s, 1990s, and very early 2000s (I changed to digital in 2004) brings back so many memories. All those places, all those walks, all those camps! All those wonderful days, weeks, and months in wild places.

I've been going through these slides and selecting a few to scan - difficult, very difficult! - for an exciting project that is still in its infancy. There'll be more on this soon. I hope.

Young & clean-shaven!

In the meantime here's a tiny selection of the slides, covering a 20-year period and taken with a variety of cameras and lens, mostly on Fujichrome film, the early ones on Kodachrome. They were taken, from the top, in the Grand Canyon, the Pyrenees, theWind River Range in Wyoming, the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, Lapland, the High Sierra in California (2), the Canadian Rockies, and the Tombstone Mountains in the Yukon Territory.

The slides were photographed on an old lightbox with my Sony a6700 camera and Sony E 30mm macro lens mounted on a Benro tripod with a Koolehaoda tilt arm. I'm wondering if I need a better macro lens that's sharp from corner to corner and has a longer focal length. Of course it may be that the time to have a sharper lens was when I took the original pictures! 



  1. Superb Photos Chris, Thanks for Sharing.

  2. Wonderful photos Chris the multicoloured mountainside is particularly spectacular!! All the best from M & H xx