Wednesday 20 September 2023

It's headlamp time!

A dark night in October 2022

As the nights grow longer it's time to think about headlamps and torches and add one to your bag or, if you carry a tiny one all summer as I do, add a bigger more powerful one. It's worth checking that ones taken out of storage still work and the batteries aren't flat too. Don't get caught out in the dark!

I posted a longer piece on headlamps a few years ago and Alex Roddie has reviewed a selection of current headlamps here. Last year I reviewed some Black Diamond headlamps, two of which, the Spot 400-R and Storm 500-R (which gets the best review in Alex's piece) have since become favourites. An older model I reviewed in 2019, the Petzl Swift RL, is another favourite I use regularly.

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