Sunday 28 January 2024

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2024

This year's Big Garden Birdwatch  took place with the thawing remnants of the last snowfall on the ground, a cold wind, cloudy sky with occasional hazy sunshine, and a temperature of 4.5C. 

There weren't as many birds as we've seen most days this winter. The total number was just one more than last year. There were with two more species this year but no greenfinches. Last year we didn't see house sparrows, blackbirds, or sparrowhawks. The first two of these we've seen almost every day this winter, often up to ten at a time. A sparrowhawk has often been around too. Other than the last all the species are ones we've seen every day this winter. Most days we also see greenfinches, goldfinches, siskins, and wood pigeons but none turned up during the hour of the birdwatch.

Here's the full list:

Coal Tit                                 9
Chaffinch                               5 
Blue Tit                                 4
Great Tit                               3
Great Spotted Woodpecker    3
Robin                                   2
Dunnock                               2
Blackbird                              1
House Sparrow                     1
Sparrowhawk                        1

Photo note: The picture was taken immediately before the birdwatch. It's not very good as the light was not ideal, being low on the feeders but bright in the background and quite flat overall. I should maybe have used a faster shutter speed than 1/250 sec and a higher ISO than 1250 (lens was the Sony E 70-350mm @ 120mm, f stop was 5.6.). Anyway, I wanted to show the birds and feeders at the time of the birdwatch rather than post a better photo taken at another time.

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