Sunday 23 September 2012

Controversies & A Note on Social Networking

In recent weeks I’ve engaged in a number of debates and discussions about several topics on various social networking and web sites. At times I’ve found myself getting repetitive as the same points came up again and again. I don’t think this is useful or interesting (I’m sure with some of the discussions everyone bar those posting had left long before the threads faded away). Also, some of the criticism aimed in my direction suggests I haven’t made myself clear and have misled others about my opinions. On those topics important to me and, I think, to the outdoors I intend posting my views on this blog over the next week or so to make it clear where I stand.

It’s not controversial but I’ll start by explaining how I use social networking sites. I regularly use three – unsurprisingly these are Twitter, Facebook and Google +. I don’t however actually look at these sites that often, except when I am responding to a comment on something I’ve posted. This blog is linked to all three sites so that any post appears on them within seconds of being published without my needing to do anything except click on a Google + message asking if I want my post to appear on that site.

Most of my other posts are links from emails I receive or websites I visit. Anything I find of interest I share via Add This or buttons on the site. Again I don’t have to actually visit the social networking sites to do this. Anything I share on Twitter or Facebook automatically appears on both sites. When comments are made on anything I’ve posted I get emails. That’s when I go to the sites.

One point I’d like to clear up is that when I post something it does not necessarily mean I agree with all or any of it. I post things that I find interesting and think others may do so too. I may disagree, have no opinion, or even be unsure as to my view. That doesn’t matter. If I “like” or “agree” or “favourite” something then I do mainly agree with it. Otherwise I may or may not.


  1. Chris you share, debate and are accessible for information on backpacking online. Many writers and magazine contributors could learn a lesson or two on connecting with people as you do. Thanks for all the mentions and sign posting people to my blog from time to time. Keep it coming.

    1. I second Martin's comment Chris. You are incredibly accessible and responsive. If I ever had any doubts on your positions, I'd simple ask you for clarification.

  2. This post clearly lays out your approach to providing opinion and use of social media channels.

    I'd welcome all bloggers and writers to write a similar post and link it to their About page.

    Your closing paragraph is most important and I realised we hadn't addressed it. I've taken your lead and added a similar section to our About page on Google+ here

    I look forward to reading your views over the next week or so Chris.

    Allan McDonald

  3. Chris,

    I fully agree with Martin.

    Out of the many postings, there is always something I would otherwise not have been aware of.
    Especially on subjects like energy policy in Scotland and other (outdoor) subjects not covered in the Dutch press.


  4. Interesting that you need to clarify this - I think it is common sense and I never assumed you'd fully support/ agree/ disagree/ whatever with something you post on Twitter or G+. The problem here is with others who assume something, not with you sharing an article.

    However, I agree with Allan and think it is a smart move to post this clarification, so that there can't be any misunderstandings. I might just copy that, too =)

  5. My comment would be much the same as Hendrik's above. When something is reported on the blog, I take it as exactly that - it's being reported for information and/or discussion, not necessarily endorsed. The blog is my only linh; I don't use Facebook or Twitter.

    I know, from bitter experience elsewhere, that internet discussions can easily become tortuous and then fractious, often through a point or meaning being misinterpreted.

  6. Hi Chris,

    Apart from the automation part, I fully understand your policy. I use the same principles when posting, replying or engaging in any discussion both on and off the web.

    It's a joy to engage in topics and share views and knowlegde and queistions with you.

    Thanks for being so open, much appreciated


  7. If only other people were as open as you, we'd live in a better world