Sunday 2 September 2012

Planet Lem: A Sci-Fi Theatre Extravaganza

The most visually extraordinary show I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe was a production called Planet Lem by Polish theatre group Teatr Biuro Podrozy who I had seen give a stunning version of Macbeth in 2007. (See this post). Based on the works of Stanislaw Lem the show took place out of doors in a courtyard where the company were able to use lights, smoke and flares to create an unreality as convincing as any in a big budget film. The story was somewhat confusing as there was little dialogue, though a black and white recording of an interview with Lem that appeared on one of the screens explained some of what was unfolding. I still had no idea what some of the scenes were about though! This didn't really matter though as it was a visual feast. Non-flash photography was allowed  so here are some of my photos of this amazing show. (Note for photographers - these were all taken with the Sony NEX 7 and Sigma 30mm lens at 3200 ISO).


  1. Planet Lem's quality lies in its staging,its utilization of physicality and costume.However,while the piece looks and sounds great,with some fascinating narration and industrial music,the plot and story line of a man trying to battle back against his robot overlords appear to lose all sense of direction in scenes of development that,while noteworthy to watch, do little to convey the story to its hazardous conclusion.
    A.E. Oglesby