Sunday 16 September 2012

TGO Awards

TGO Magazine has launched The Great Outdoors Awards this autumn which will cover all aspects of the outdoors scene. Nominations for the awards have closed but the voting for those categories open to everyone has now started. Categories include retailers of the year, accommodation, pub/restaurant, environmental/access initiative, outdoor book and outdoor personality. You can vote here.

Four equipment categories will be judged by a panel, including myself. You can see who's on the panel here


  1. Hi Chris - Not sure 'covers all aspects of the outdoors scene' is completely accurate. There seems to be a glaring omission, with no categories relating to outdoor websites (other than online retailers), mobile phone apps or social media / bloggers (other than as personalities or specific environmental initiatives). This misses a huge (and ever increasing) element to the outdoors scene.

  2. Good point. Maybe there should have been a specific category for websites or apps. I think the idea was that these were part of other categories, such as the ones you mention, (I didn't select the categories so I'm not sure of the criteria used). I'll suggest a specific category or two for next year.

  3. Thanks for replying Chris - hope to see a 'best outdoor website or app' category next year!

  4. The thing I do like about Chris & the TGO team is that they are humble enough to know that they do not know everything. This set of awards is the start & it will be improved on future occasions - but don't overlook what a great start it is: they are bringing so much of the industry to the fore.

    As someone who works within the trade, it is apparent that there is a very high quality of thought that has gone into the nomination selection