Friday 21 February 2020

This rollercoaster winter, updated 27 February

February 9
Update: the last week of February the weather has calmed down and stayed wintry. There has been snow on the ground for three days. Maybe March will be a calmer month.

Two days ago it snowed heavily, the fields and and woods were white. Overnight the temperatures rose. Yesterday morning it rained heavily and the snow had gone. Overnight temperatures dropped and today there have been heavy snow showers. That pattern has been repeated over and over again this month, accompanied by near constant strong winds. I often take photographs looking towards the Cromdale Hills from my study window. Here are five taken this month, showing the rapid changes in snow cover.

Snow-thaw cycles are not unusual in Scottish winters. I can't remember them being so rapid in previous years though.

February 14

February 19

February 21
February 22
February 27

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