Sunday 18 July 2010

Preparing For The Trail

Issaquah on warm summer evening. Two days of sorting supplies, last minute planning and walks in the lovely forests of the Issaquah Alps. Two young black bears watched us from the trees today. Tomorrow the long drive east to Montana and Glacier National Park with my cousin and her daughter. Then the walk begins.

All photos with my Pacific Northwest Trail reports are taken with the HTC Desire phone.


  1. Might be a bit late now, but which blogging app did you decide on in the end?

    Regardless, looking forward to the text updates!

  2. Chris,

    May the trail gods keep you safe and happy. I will be reading your blog with great interest as I've had to cancel my own trip this year. I will, however, be experiencing the wilderness through your words.

    Walt from California

  3. How being light weight costs!
    Some lovely gear for the trip Chris ( from your TGO list), but the weight to the pocket is £4352
    Frightening isn't it.

    Have a great trip and looking forward to reading your posts along the way.

  4. Good luck, I guess you will be on the trail by now. I will be thinking of you.

  5. Phil, as I have an Android phone. Odyssee, I'm surprised at the cost - many of these items cost less than heavier equivalents!

  6. Maybe a TGO article could come up with a challenge to copy your kit list but only have a budget of £1000.
    And it cannot weigh more than yours.
    That would be interesting.

    Have fun...Alan

  7. I an not a gear junkie at all, but am currently needing/wanting to update some of my equipment and so was interested in your kit list, Chris.

    I was seriously considering some of your kit - but now The Odyesse has gone and spoilt it all by giving a cumulative cost! ;-)