Saturday 7 August 2010

Through the Purcell Mountains

Between my resupply points of Eureka and Bonners Ferry I crossed the steep, rugged Purcell Mountains and left Montana for Idaho. The Purcells are mostly wooded though there are some open areas with views. Trails are often sketchy and there are few signs so careful navigation is required in the dense forest. My compass has seen much use. Water and camp sites are rare on the steep slopes. I've carried more water than expected and squeezed the tent onto some tiny sites. But that's all part of the adventure.


  1. "...all part of the adventure." I agree!

  2. It sounds great Chris, I hope your weather is better than we're having in Scotland!

  3. Hi Chris, was envying you yesterday as I hiked around the stands at KORS... hope you're getting that sunshine you hoped for! Looking forward to reading the full story in TGO!