Saturday 30 October 2010

Reviews: World Mountain Ranges Scotland

The first review of my new Scotland book has appeared on Andy Howell's Must Be This Way site - here. It's a detailed review that describes the book well. I'm really pleased that Andy likes the book, saying

"Chris has the knack of using just enough words to give us a proper flavour of the place ...... this is a book that should grace the bookcases of all hillwalkers and mountaineers that love the hills of Scotland."

Another review has appeared on It's another detailed positive and detailed review and again I'm delighted that the reviewer, Dave Mycroft, really likes the book, saying that it's

"set to become the definitive resource ..... in its own way an object of beauty and desire .... absolute essential for anyone with even a passing interest in Scotland's mountains and the default bookshelf reference work for at least a generation".

I feel somewhat overwhelmed by these reviews! They make all the hard work that went into the book really worthwhile.

Update: a short review has appeared in Walk, the Ramblers magazine. The reviewer says "it’s an invaluable planning tool and inspiration for Scottish hillwalkers".

Update Dec 8: My old friend Cameron McNeish has reviewed Scotland for the Strathspey and Badenoch Herald, saying "this is a book that will thrill newcomers to the Scottish hills while at the same time give great satisfaction to those of us who are a little bit more long-in-the-tooth and will undoubtedly find many nuggets of information." Thanks Cameron!

Update: Dec 21. Another nice review on Outdoors Magic - "A cracking book that should be on every mountain walker and mountaineer's book shelf."

Update: Dec 28. Good detailed review on Hendrik Morkel's excellent Hiking in Finland blog."After I got the book I wasn't able to put it back down........mandatory for all those who plan to spend time outdoors in Scotland".

Photo info: Bidean nam Bian at dusk. Canon EOS 300D, Canon EF-S 18-55@55mm, 1/100@f5.6, ISO 400, raw file converted to JPEG in Lightroom 4.


  1. A great review, almost as good as mine lol.

  2. Chris, got your book through Amazon on Saturday. It is superb and currently has pride of place on my reading pile, along with W.H. Murray's "The Evidence of Things Not Seen", Mike Tomkies "A Last Wild Place" and the Shell Guide to Reading the Landscape. I was particularly interested in the Ardgour section as we're off there in January!

  3. Thanks Ken. I'm honoured to be included with those authors. I hope the weather is good in January. The picture of Garbh Bheinn of Ardgour in the book was taken in January on a day of bitter cold. The ground was frozen hard but there was only a light covering of snow.

  4. Hi Chris
    Well, we got back from Ardgour on Saturday. During the week we climbed Beinn Resipol (1.5 times!) and followed the route from the west suggested in your book which was just the ticket! My blog about it is here:

    We're going to have to go back as it's a truly beautiful area.


  5. Hi Ken, glad to hear you enjoyed the trip to Ardgour. It is a wonderful area. I hope you have better weather next time!