Sunday 18 September 2011

Autumn Colours

With the hills mostly shrouded in cloud and wind and rain sweeping across the landscape the occasional burst of sunshine has been very welcome in this stormy early autumn. The woods are the most colourful and interesting places now with the first autumn tints showing wonderfully when lit by the sun. The birches have tinges of yellow but it's the rowans that are most brilliant, their red leaves contrasting with the greens of the pines.


  1. It's a glorious time of year isn't it!
    I had a walk in a National Trust Park this morning (Clumber in Nottinghamshire). It was full of different hues and the contrast in light quality and light to dark shades was beautiful. Woods are such a rich environment.
    I'm looking forwards to hoar frosts now!

  2. Varied and beautiful and lovely rich smell of leaves