Monday 17 February 2014

A Brief Respite From The Storms

Sunlight Catching a Shoulder of Cairn Gorm

Today the clouds are low, the rain faills steadily and the hills are hidden. As it has been much of the time for several months. Yesterday though was a rare break from the storms. The sun shone, the wind was cold but gentle, the hills were white and shining.

Creagan a'Chaise in the Cromdale Hills

For once going for a walk wasn't a struggle against the elements but a pleasurable wander through the woods and fields. Buzzards called from high above, a pheasant broke cover and crashed away loudly, a flock of rooks rose from a stubble field, rabbits raced away to their burrows. Across the strath the Hills of Cromdale were snow-covered.

Bynack Mor and Beinn Mheadhoin in the Northern Cairngorms

Away to the west clouds still swirled around the High Cairngorms but the summits were clear and white with bursts of sunlight lighting up their slopes.


Above me the sky was blue and bright and streaked with thin clouds; a vast skyscape unusual this winter.

Lichen on aspen

As well as the vast vistas of the hills and the sky the lull in the storms made it easier to notice details and appreciate the subtleties of nature. It's hard to do this when you're head down into a gale and rain is lashing the landscape.

Sunlight on the Cairngorms as the clouds thicken.

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