Saturday 31 October 2015

John Muir Trust Knoydart Appeal

Ladhar Bheinn & Loch Hourn. Coire Dhorrcail is in the centre of the picture.

Back in 1987 the John Muir Trust bought its first property - Li and Coire Dhorrcail on the magnificent mountain Ladhar Bheinn in Knoydart. Overgrazed by deer and sheep the land was bare of trees. In the 25 years since then the Trust has reduced grazing pressures, allowing trees to regenerate, and planted native trees. The forest is returning but much more needs to be done. Over the next four years the Trust wants to plant 50,000 more trees and collect seeds to establish more tree nurseries. To carry out this work requires funds and the Trust has launched the Knoydart Appeal to raise £60,000. It's well worth supporting by anyone who loves wild places.

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  1. I'm really encouraged by conservation work like this. I read an article in National Geographic a few years ago showing a global map representing areas of deforestation/reforestation, and thanks to the likes of the JMT and Woodland Trust etc. the woodland in the UK is increasing. Its amazing how quickly nature can return, all be it man-managed. The Ennerdale rewilding project is a fabulous example.