Monday 28 December 2015

Wild Camps of 2015

On Ben Macdui in April

There were no long backpacking trips in 2015 but plenty of short ones and although the walks were often fine it's the splendid wild camps that I remember most. Here are thirteen of them.

Glen Feshie in March

Ben Macdui in April 

Above The Saddle, Cairngorms, in May

Glen Feshie in May

Cwm Cneifion, Snowdonia, in June

Allt Coire nan Eoin,  Killiechonate Forest, in July

Braeriach in August

Camsunary, Isle of Skye, in September

Ben More Coigach in September

Lochan Bealach Cornaidh, Quinag, in September

Feith Buidhe, Cairngorms, in October

Sgor Gaoith in October

Glen Feshie in November


  1. all the glory of nature and the night and in the day. Wonderful.

  2. Nice spots and great photos! Do you have gps coordinates for some of these spots? Or it is secret? :-)

    1. I don't have GPS coordinates but the places are all on the maps!

    2. :) ok. And do you use some special wild camping maps where should be possible to see your spots? For example

  3. No, I just use Ordnance Survey/Harveys maps. I probably couldn't find some of those exact spots again myself! Most were located on the ground not from a map and often at dusk or after dark.

  4. That's a lot of tents! What are they? Are you not using the Tarp Tent anymore?

    1. I didn't use the TarpTent Scarp 1 this year but I will use it again sometime. Several of the tents pictured were ones on test. They are the Hilleberg Enan, Force Ten Nitro Lite 200, Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid XL, Nigor Wickiup 3, Force Ten MTN2, Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar, Terra Nova Solar Ultra 2.

    2. Thanks Chris - great information. I'm thinking about purchasing a TarpTent Scarp so it's good to hear you haven't abandoned it.

      All the best to you for 2016.