Friday 10 November 2017

Winter Gear Laid Out

Winter Hillwalking Gear

Back in September after I posted what turned out to be a popular post on the gear I use in the winter hills I was asked if I could post a photo of the gear. I haven't taken such a picture yet this year - I'll do so soon - but here's one from two years ago. With winter conditions on the hills now it's an appropriate time to post it.

From top left the items on the outside of the picture are insulated jacket, shell jacket, rucksack, ice axe, headwear, handwear, gaiters, winter trousers, fleece top. In the centre are boots, thick socks and snow shovel. On the foam pad from top left are insulated flask, crampons, smartphone, map,compass, first aid kit, headlamps, dark glasses, and snow goggles with a whistle in the centre. To the right of the mat are bothy bag and bivi bag.

Missing are trekking poles, insulated trousers/long johns, spare socks, and food. They'll be in the next photo!

The specific models are far less important than their function. Many equally suitable alternatives could be substituted for all of them. As I'm always testing gear I rarely go out with exactly the same equipment. You'll never see me on the hills with exactly this set of gear!

This is for a trip on foot. If the snow was continuous and deep I'd have skis and ski boots. If the snow was deep and discontinuous I'd have snowshoes.

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