Thursday 19 July 2018

Not much snow left in the Cairngorms

Last of the snow in Coire Domhain, a popular spot for snowholes in the winter

How much snow is left in the Cairngorms after the heatwave? When I was last there, nearly three weeks ago (see here), there wasn't very much. There's far less now.

A tiny speck of snow left in Coire an t-Sneachda

A walk over Stob Coire an t-Sneachda and Cairn Lochan only revealed a few tiny patches. Maybe this year all the snow will go.

Cairn Lochan - one small and one tiny snow patch remaining

The hills are a mix of green and brown. There's still enough moisture in much of the ground for the grasses still to grow. The burns are very low though and areas of dried vegetation are starting to appear. Where there is enough water plus some shelter from the weather the growth is luxurious. I was surprised to find Scottish bluebells (aka harebells) growing at 1090 metres on the shoulder of Cairn Lochan.

One small snow patch next to the Great Slab in Coire Lochan
The snow patch in Coire Lochan

The day had mostly been cloudy with an intermittent breeze. On the summit of Cairn Lochan it was calm and there were midges. I didn't linger. As I reached Coire Cas and my car the sun began to break through. I stopped at Loch Morlich on the way home to look back to the mountains and the woods, shining now in the sun.

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