Wednesday 5 June 2019

GR5 Through the Alps Photo Gallery

Dents Blanche

On my GR5 walk through the Alps on last autumn I took over 1500 photos. I've been sorting through them on and off ever since I returned home. Eight of them appear in the current issue of The Great Outdoors along with an account of the walk, as I described in this post. Here are ten that didn't make it into the magazine.

Le Giffre Torrent

Cascade de la Sauffaz

Paraglider in the Chamonix valley

Aiguille Vert

On the descent to Landry

Lac de Grattaleu

Late afternoon sun, Vanoise National Park

Pics del a Font Sancte

Castel Gineste


  1. Excellent article, I Really appreciate your post, Thanks for sharing your article.

  2. Your GR5 walk through the Alps looks breathtaking! The photos you shared are stunning, capturing the raw beauty of the landscapes. From the Dents Blanche to the Cascade de la Sauffaz, each image tells a story of adventure and tranquility. The late afternoon sun in Vanoise National Park is especially captivating. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments – they inspire wanderlust and appreciation for nature's wonders!