Friday 31 January 2020

First Online Reading List, Part 2, Nature, conservation, rewilding.

Bynack More at dusk, January 26

Here's the second part of the online reading I've enjoyed since the turn of the year, covering nature, conservation and rewilding.

Book Review: Rebirding - Rewilding Britain and it's Birds by Benedict Macdonald

Praise for this book by Alec Roddie. I have it on order!

This can be the year when we recharge nature - and ourselves 

George Monbiot says as well as campaigning for nature we need to recharge ourselves.

A warm welcome? The wildlife visitors warning of climate disaster

New species arriving in Britain are not a good sign

The Return of the Taghan

Polly Pullar celebrates the return of the pine marten after centuries of persecution. Superb photography from

Lynx to the Past

Ross Barnett considers ancient DNA and says it can help inform the return of species that lived in Scotland.

A Wild Anniversary: 25 Years For Yellowstone Wolves

By bringing back the beaver, and allowing our rivers to freestyle through the landscape, we could revive these incredible ecosystems says ecologist Joshua Harris.

On the Trail of Beavers

Naturalist Dan Puplett goes in search of beavers in Knapdale and find plenty of signs.

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