Friday 30 July 2021

First Hilleberg Akto review - in 1996 after a trip to the Grand Canyon


Looking through old copies of The Great Outdoors for short quotes to use in current issues I came across my first review of the Hilleberg Akto in the February 1996 issue with pictures from a Grand Canyon trip the previous year. The Akto has been a favourite tent ever since.

I'd completely forgotten about this review. I'm interested to see that I start off by saying that "functional solo tents are rare". I also note that the Akto weighs "a mere 1.6kg" but "at £265 it is not cheap". How things have changed! There are many good solo tents now, most weighing less than 1.6kg, including Hilleberg's own Enan at 1.2kg. The Akto is still expensive though (£680 now), still top quality, and still a great tent.

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