Sunday 7 August 2022

Walk For Harriers, Dava Moor

Grouse moors and the amazing propensity of raptors to disappear when they visit them have been under increasing public scrutiny in recent years. A major part in this has been played by the various events organized under the Hen Harrier Day banner. 

On August 6 this year HHDay Highlands (@HHDayHighlands) organised a Walk For Harriers on a grouse moor on Dava Moor. As this is just five kilometres from my home I thought I’d better attend! And I’m very glad I did as it was an informative and inspiring event with stops along the way for Ian Thomson, Head of Investigations at RSPB Scotland, and Max of the Revive Coalition to talk about driven grouse moor management and how disastrous it is for wildlife. 

The walk on a windy day (no midges!) was across open moorland with a great sense of space and freedom.  Despite its use for grouse shooting this is a lovely place. How much more attractive it could be if it was used for the conservation and restoration of wildlife rather than its destruction.
Thanks to the organisers for running tbis event. It was heartening to meet others concerned about raptor persecution and the environmental degradation caused by driven grouse shooting. 

For anyone concerned about this issue I’d recommend attending any similar event. There’s nothing like visiting an actual grouse moor and listening to the experts explaining just how it’s run. 


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