Wednesday 11 October 2023

Tom Mor is mastless no more!

The new mast

Back in August I wrote about how the removal of a prominent communcations mast from the top of a local hill, Tom Mor, made it look wrong as I'd been seeing that mast on the skyline for 33 years. I now had, I said, a changed view to get used to.

Well now there's a mast again. A new bright white one. I saw it for the first time on a stroll today but I'd already been told it had been erected and that it was for local broadband. The last mast wasn't for the public. It always seemed ironic to be able to see a communications mast yet have terrible communications. 

Maybe when the mast is active there'll be reliable fast broadband. At present I have two networks, both of which are intermittent. BT Broadband is the most reliable but has a maximum speed of 1.5mb and usually runs at less than 1mb. Vodafone wifi loses connection more often but usually runs at around 5mb and has been known to reach 10mb. Please let there be decent broadband!

In the meantime Tom Mor looks right again!


The old mast

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