Thursday 7 March 2024

Glen Feshie landslips & stream crossings update

Tony Hobbs crossing the Allt Garbhlach at the site of the washed out path in January this year

The streams running down the steep slopes of Glen Feshie are prone to flashfloods and landslips. This is a mobile landscape that changes frequently. Whilst this makes for a dramatic and interesting enevironment over the years it has caused difficulties in places for walkers. 

Last October I came across a new landslip deep into the glen which looked so difficult and risky to cross that I turned back (story here). A few days ago I returned there and was pleased to see that it's now easily crossed with care. It looks as though further landslips and erosion has altered the deep ravine considerably and that someone has done some work to make it safer. The landslip is at GR NN 85050 91330.

Looking SE across the landslip, October 2023

Looking SE across the landslip, March 2024

Looking NW up the landslip, October 2023

Looking NW up the landslip, March 2024

A much bigger flashflood nearly a decade ago took out the path across the Allt Garbhlach just above its confluence with the River Feshie, leaving a steep descent down loose slopes on one side and a climb up a similar slope on the other. A few steep and somewhat precarious ways up and down soon developed as this is a popular route. 

Then the estate put up a sign on the approach to the Allt Garbhlach saying the original path was closed and to use a narrow side path leading to a ford higher up. Both paths are marked on current OS maps. Last August I took this path, which goes through dense heather and small regenerating pines, to a log bridge over the river. Not as dramtic as the original crossing but much easier and safer.

Log bridge over the Allt Garbhlach, August 2023

On my recent trip I saw the sign had gone. I took the path anyway and found that the bridge was still there but had moved and now looked precarious. As I said, this is a mobile landscape.

The log bridge over the Allt Garbhlach, March 2024

Others obviously felt the same as there was no path leading to the bridge but instead one further upstream, not far from where the bridge used to be. This has been used so much that it's become a muddy morass on one side.

Path by the Allt Garbhlach ford, March 2024

Whilst this crossing is easier than the original one I think the latter is far preferable as the situation really is spectacular. When the Allt Garbhlach is in spate neither ford would be easy and maybe not even possible safely.

The original crossing point just above the confluence of the Allt Garbhlach with the River Feshie


  1. A grid ref might be helpful for folk that might visit the area.

  2. Thanks Chris. We were just talking about this yesterday and planning to ask around about the situation. Very timely!

  3. Thanks Chris - was planning a trip to explore this for TGO Challengers in May.