Wednesday 23 April 2008

Chris Joins Backpacking Light

I’m very pleased to have joined the editorial team of Backpacking Light as Senior Gear Editor. I have been a regular reader of the both the BPL website and the paper magazine for several years and have contributed the occasional piece. I’m excited at the prospect of being involved in this innovative project. This doesn't mean that I won't be writing for TGO magazine, just that you'll now find my stuff in two places.

My first feature for the Backpacking Light website since joining the editorial team has also just appeared. It isn’t a gear piece though but an illustrated account of the ski and igloo tour in Yellowstone a group of us undertook in February (see my posts for March 4 and March 8).

The picture shows me backpacking light in the Glen Affric hills earlier this month (see post for April 14). Photo info: Canon EOS 350D, Canon EF-S 18-55 mm IS @55mm, f8@1/800, ISO 100, tripod, raw file converted to JPEG in DxO Optics Pro.


  1. Chris,
    congrats on the new role.
    In the picture, forget all the techie photo info, how about a list of the gear. I recognise the Caldera Cone, Not sure which of the new Golite tents you are using, and not a clue on the rucksack.
    So one out of three isn't bad T_T

  2. Okay! The tent is a GoLite Shangri-La 1. The pack is a GoLite Odyssey. & I'm wearing a Paramo Fuera Smock & Paramo Cascada trousers.

  3. Hi Chris,

    congratulations! It can't be wrong giving the people in the US the perspective from the more wet and cold side of the globe, too :-)

    Already looking forward to your gear reviews!

    All the best (and hopefully seeing you again in Friedrichshafen)
    Roman - Lighthiker

  4. Thanks Roman. I am planning on being at Friedrichshafen so I hope we can meet up.

  5. nice one Chris - congrats on the new job

  6. Congratulations Chris it will be great to see more of your insightful comments on the BPL site.

    By the way did you use your pacer poles with the ShangriLa 1?

  7. Thanks Nielsen.

    Yes, I did use Pacerpoles with the Shangri-La 1. They worked fine.

  8. Best make sure I am not around with that light tent esp if i have just had baked beans - you would need another peg (not for your nose!) but to hold the tent in place!!

    All the best

    PS sorry not hassled you recently - been busy! As you have too - congrats!

  9. Many congratulations on the new and exciting appointment :)