Thursday 10 February 2011

Finisterre Storm Track Jacket Review

Finisterre is an interesting young company that has expanded out from the surfing world to general outdoor activities. The company's aim is to "make the best technical apparel with minimal environmental impact." I've been using the Finisterre Storm Track Jacket over the winter and my review is now on the TGO website here.


  1. Interesting review.
    Similar to Paramo.
    Too similar?
    Could Paramo take this up?

  2. An interesting development from Finisterre and good to see another alternative to Paramo if only for reasons of cut.

    I notice your comment regarding the cuff tabs, I personally fail to see any advantage in having stiff rubberised or whatever cuff tabs when self fabric (i.e. made from the same fabric as the rest of the garment) works much better and is less likely to catch on glove cuffs etc. It's unusual to find a jacket without stiff cuff tabs and they seem to be used for no other eason than to provide billboard space for the company brand name or logo.

    That and hoods that are so cut away at the sides that they fail to provide any protection unless the rain is coming straight down makes me wonder if the designers ever venture outside the design studio. Good to see that Finisterre have avoided the fashion trap and have provided a proper hood.

  3. Interesting gear this Chris. I like the look of the Humbolt smock too. How does this two layer system differ to/ compare with paramo and which paramo jacket would you say is it most directly equivalent to? Right now the Storm Track and Humbolt are half price. I'm sorely tempted by what seems like a lot of jacket for so little money!

  4. Dave, the nearest Paramo jacket is probably the Vista, though there's no exact equivalent. Finisterre's system works just like Paramo's. I haven't noticed any difference, other than the closer cut. At half price I would say it's an excellent buy.

    Mac E, there is no branding on the cuff tabs. They're just too long and in the wrong place.

  5. This is probably tantamount to admitting in public that I need thearapy but I've ordered the Humbolt Smock. Can't wait to see how it shapes up. Thinking it may be a replacement for my Vapour Rise/ Shell combo when active on winter tours.