Tuesday 22 March 2011

Southern Uplands Way on Walk Highlands

My description of the Southern Upland Way has just appeared on Walkhighlands. Most of the photos are mine but luckily Walkhighlands had some of the Glen Trool area, which I walked through in rain and very low cloud - the fourth time I've been there and the fourth time I've not seen the hills.

The picture above, taken on a rather better day, shows the hills between Sanquhar and Wanlockhead.


  1. hi Chris what were your thoughts on this one, and what long distance path would you recommend as an introduction?


  2. Hi John, I enjoyed the Southern Upland Way but wouldn't recommend it as a first long distance path. Apart from anything else a shorter one would probably be best. The SUW is also a route for people interested in history and how a landscape is used and developed as much as for nature lovers as there is little truly wild land. Deforestation, overgrazing by sheep and reforestation with conifer plantations have all had major effects on the landscape. And today wind farms are growing in number. There is at least one in view much of the time.

    For a first long distance path in Scotland the West Highland Way is probably a good choice for inexperienced walkers. For those with more experience, including backpacking, I'd recommend the unofficial Cape Wrath Trail, a splendid route, or the much shorter Sutherland Trail. These are in wilder, more remote terrain.

  3. thanks Chris for the advice, I have been edging towards the Sutherland trail (and keeping the WHW up my cuff when I'm next between jobs)

    it's all to common a picture you paint of our wild spaces, nonetheless keep up the good work!