Sunday 27 March 2011

Pacific Northwest Trail: Final Report

The final report on my Pacific Northwest Trail hike last summer, covering the section through the Olympic Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, is on the TGO website here.

Photo: Sunset above the clouds in the Olympic Mountains.


  1. To spend a summer walking the outdoors and travelling through wilderness is something many of us wish we could find the time and be free to do. I enjoyed the reports you have written about the walk Chris. In reflection is there anything you would do different now in preparing for the walk if you did it again?

  2. Martin, there's not much I would do differently. Maybe take a synthetic fill top instead of a down one. I'd definitely set off with spare footwear - I bought sandals for the hottest days after a couple of weeks.

  3. Just found your post and read all of them in one go. Fantastic. Makes my treck in the Pennines look a little dull