Thursday 5 May 2011

The Annandale Way

Just finished a six day walk along the Annandale Way, an interesting route in southwest Scotland. Following the River Annan from its source in the hills to the Solway Firth the walk is a mix of moors, forests, fields, rivers, lochs and coastlines. The walk is particularly rich in bird life - I was glad I'd taken my binoculars - and, at this time of year, wild flowers. As a backpacking route it has challenges - finding wild camp sites and, even more, water required time and effort. But I did find three excellent wild sites and two quiet camp sites at Lochmaben (a lovely lochside spot) and Castle Haddom. I'll be writing a detailed route description for

The picture shows my camp site on Sorrysike Moor.


  1. Welcome back. Water on tap now, lol.

  2. Fantastic walk. We researched it for our walking company in autumn 2009 and the scenery and wildlife was fantastic. Great b&b accommodations to choose from too!

  3. How delightful to read your blog. We are lucky to live in an old farmhouse (Cauldholm)on the Annandale Way itself and you would pass our doorstep (Moffat to St Anns stretch). I am looking forward to your write up on Walk We have recently started offering bed and breakfast and would be pleased to hear from any walkers considering the Annandale Way.
    Shona and Graeme