Tuesday 2 August 2011

Big Shakeout Weekend

For those down south in England there's an interesting sounding weekend in the Peak District on 14-16 October organised by Alpkit and Thornbridge Outdoors. There are activities and courses - including caving, climbing, conservation, bushcraft, photography and first aid - plus music, films and lectures. Last year's event had good reviews and it looks a great opportunity to try out different activities and meet others with similar interests. More info on the Alpkit website.


  1. "For those down south in England ...in the Peak District"
    That's a long way north for most folk!

    Though, I suppose from a Cairngorm perspective...


  2. Oh, I agree, the Peak District certainly is 'down south'!

    swanscot, north of the Cairngorms :-)

  3. The Peak District is in 'the middle'.

    James, close to the Peak District!

  4. I thought that might wake some folk up! Alan's got it right - "from a Cairngorm perspective"