Saturday 20 August 2011

New TGO: Friedrichshafen Show Review, Boot Fitting, Backpacking Accessories and the Joy of Spontaneity

The latest TGO (it says October on the cover) is just out. My backpacking column is about the joys of aimless wandering, of setting out without a definite aim or route in mind and just seeing where the world leads. My gear review meanders about a little too as it covers a disparate set of items I’ve been using for the last year or so ranging from fire starters to canister recycling tools (Jetboil’s excellent Crunchit) to notebooks and sticky tape, which I’ve collected together under the name Backpacking Accessories. I also look at the new gear shown at the Friedrichshafen OutDoor Show in July, while in the Hill Skills section I offer some advice for fitting boots and shoes. Elsewhere in the gear pages Dan Bailey reviews footwear for scrambling.

I haven’t done more than glance through the rest of the magazine yet but I like the look of Andy Stothert’s best views in the Lake District; Cameron McNeish being fascinated by waterfalls; Carey Davies scrambling on Buachaille Etive Mor and swimming in Glen Etive; Ed Byrne trying rock climbing; Ian Battersby wandering the Arenig and Aran mountains without a map; Jim Perrin discussing Nan Shepherd’s lovely book on the Cairngorms The Living Mountain; Judy Armstrong in search of Wolves in the Alps and Anthony Baxter on his film You’ve Been Trumped about Donald Trump and his controversial golf course near Aberdeen.

Oh, and this is the issue with the TGO Challenge 2012 application form along with some stories from this years Challenge.

The picture shows a camp on the Moine Mhor during an unplanned wander around the area.


  1. 'Aimless wandering', or stravaiging, is my favourite mountain past-time these days. As i've got older, i seem to prefer not having a definate goal. It adds to my sense of freedom as i wander. I find myself exploring out of the way ravines, corries, etc, just because i feel like doing so. When i was younger, it seemed like reaching the 'summit' was the most important thing. Now i understand that it is the journey itself that is to be appreciated.

    Mike fae Dundee

  2. No need to always have a plan or an objective; it's primarily supposed to be enjoyment.

    Personally, I'm also a big fan of just sitting and watching; taking a bit longer over a cuppa than I used to. Of course, that might just be age creeping on.

  3. Chris, spent some time last night reading the latest TGO. Two good articles from you. The magazine is going from strength to strength since the revamp. Keep up the good work!!

  4. It isn't in the shops in Edinburgh yet. I'll have to pick it up tomorrow.

  5. Brilliant.
    I see you have a new section coming up? The Ed has asked readers to pose you questions and you will answer them in the next edition. I think readers have to email the mag direct.
    Good luck with that, sounds a cracking idea.

  6. Looking forward to reading Judy Armstrong's 'In search of wolves in the Alps'.

    I have very fond memories of her trip with us!

    Sally from Undiscovered Alps