Wednesday 5 December 2012

Birds & Snow

Blackbird and chaffinch.

As the snow keeps falling the number of birds at the feeders in our garden rises. Today I watched dozens of birds flying in from the woods to feed and squabble.

Coal tit, blue tit and chaffinch. The tits are fussy. The scattered seeds are ones they won't eat. Chaffinches eat all the seeds.

Blue tits and coal tits

Great spotted woodpecker

Pheasant. These birds eat seed and bits of peanut scattered by the birds on the feeders.

The photos were taken from the warmth of the house as snow was falling, hence the occasional white blur from snow on the windows.


  1. Its great to see all the birds feeding. We mainly have house sparrows in our urban back yard. Its interesting to see the addition of the plate to your feeder. I have made something similar myself since most of the grain used to end up on ground!