Sunday 8 September 2013

Thoughts from the Outdoor Trade Show

Just spent the first of two days looking at gear at The Outdoor Trade Show, which is held at Stoneleigh Park down in deepest Warwickshire in the English Midlands. Took me a whole day to reach this distant place (as measured from the centre of my world - the Cairngorms).

At the show I've seen a mass of stuff including nice socks from Point 6 and Teko, Gooper magnet closed electronics cases, good looking new Paramo clothing, a modular Kelty pack, new Force Ten tents, a water resistant cotton/polyester fleece from Climescape, some interesting fuel gel from Trangia/Vango and lots of footwear. Much of this gear will be tested for test reports in The Great Outdoors over the next year.

The indoor show is quite small compared with the big trade shows in Friedrichshafen and Salt Lake City. However the tent show outside is vast, the biggest in Europe if not the world. Ranks of tents and banners faded into the distance. Vango alone had more space and tents than other shows have in total. This promoted me to wonder which of the various impossible to imagine comparison cliches were appropriate - x football pitches, Wales, Belgium?


  1. So how many Belgiums can you fit into a Force Ten these days? ;)

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