Wednesday 15 July 2015

Jottnar Hymir Neoshell Smock Review

The wet weather of the last few months has given me more opportunities to test waterproof clothing than I would have liked. One top I really like is the lightweight Jottnar Hymir, made from Polartec Neoshell, my current favourite waterproof material. My review of the Hymir is on the TGO website here.


  1. Hi, Chris

    Could you explain why helmet compatible hoods are so common. I'm a cyclist who has climbed and kayaked. Not once have I wanted to pull a hood over a helmet. I find that helmet compatible hoods blow off when I'm hiking into the wind (modern draw cords are part of the problem). Also, if the volume adjuster is made of plastic, they are very uncomfortable to snooze in.

    Blistergear have questioned the durability of the DWR on Neoshell. I'm giving up on eVent for that very reason so can't help wondering if you are concerned about Neoshell's DWR.

    At the moment, I'm jollying along an old RAB eVent jacket by wearing a windproof treated with TX Direct under it. It works even though the RAB jacket will not retain a DWR and has delaminated in several key areas. You used to champion waterproof liner liners. That might still be a good solution.

    1. I don't know why helnet compatible hoods are so common! They're found on garments not designed for climbing, kayaking or cycling. I haven't had problems with them blowing off as long as the volume adjuster is a drawcord and not just a strip of Velcro.

      I haven't had problems with Neoshell. The DWR seems much the same as on other waterproof fabrics, which is to say it doesn't last long. I used a Neoshell jacket on my two-month Scottish Watershed walk in 2013 and, after much wear during weeks of stormy weather, it was still waterproof at the end. I feel the same about eVent, which I used on the Pacific Northwest Trail when I also had a great deal of wet weather.

      Of course once a jacket delaminates it will leak as the membrane had been broken. There's nothing you can do about that.

      Waterproof liners seem to have disappeared. They did work really well.

  2. Thank you, Chris, for answering my questions. I am bemused by helmet compatible hoods. The damn things have been under-performing for years and yet they are still regarded as a feature which helps sell jackets. Perhaps I don't pull down hard enough on stretchy drawcords as I can't get that type of hood to stay in place when heading into a headwind.

    Some fabrics appear to cling on to DWRs better than others and my battered, old Montane Featherlite has performed remarkably well.

    Cheers, John