Thursday 29 September 2016

Hot Weather to Reds Meadow

After the last Scottish summer I wasn't prepared for the heat of a High Sierra autumn. The sun has blazed down every day with few clouds in the sky. Ascents have been arduous, especially as I've had to carry much water as many creeks are dry.

From Yosemite Valley I climbed up past Nevada Falls then left the masses on this popular day hike for the solitude of the Illilouette Creek valley. Here I met a black bear with two cubs close to the trail. The latter immediately scrambled up tree trunks and clung on while their mother hissed at me and charged a few steps. I backed away slowly until she was almost out of sight. Then she moved towards her cubs and further from the trail. I continued and she hissed one more time to remind me to keep away from her cubs.

Since then the walk has been uneventful. I've crossed two spectacular passes - Red Peak and Isberg -, wandered through magnificent red fir forest, gazed over beautiful timberline lakes, slept out under the stars, and then descended to this quiet resort and the luxuries of a cabin and a café.

From here I continue south to King's Canyon, wondering how long the heat will last.


  1. Superb photos Chris; hope all is going well so far; best wishes from Mark & Helen.

  2. Great photos! Fall in the Sierras is something special. Hope this trip finds its way into a book...