Sunday 20 November 2016

Signs Along The Way

Sorting through the images from my Yosemite Valley to Death Valley walk I found I'd taken many pictures of signs and notices. These vary from informative, like the one above, to instructional, directional and commanding. Here are a selection. Every one brings back memories and stirs dreams.


  1. I too have started photographing signs, its amazing what memories they can trigger! On a different note, when you undertake a personal journey like this, do you carry/wear your personal favourite items of gear or are you still in 'gear tester' mode experimenting with untried gear?

    1. I take what I think is the best selection of gear for the trip, which usually means some tried and trusted items and some new ones. I wouldn't take anything I wasn't confident in on a walk like this. I'm writing a piece about the gear for the January issue of The Great Outdoors.