Thursday 9 February 2017

Out There reprint ... and future books

It's almost a year since my collection of essays on the outdoors was published. To my delight it's just been reprinted. The cover now has an acknowledgement of the award the book won last autumn too.

I've also started work on my next book, which will be centred round my Scottish Watershed walk but which will  also about the Scottish outdoors in general and about the changes I've undergone in over 25 years of living in Scotland after moving here from England. This book, which doesn't have a title yet, should be published in spring 2018.

Before then there'll be an ebook combining my long out-of-print books on my two long walks in Canada - Walking the Yukon and High Summer: Backpacking the Canadian Rockies. Copies of both are being torn apart and copied at present, after which I'll be doing some minor editing (there are tiny errors/mistakes in both books that have been irritating me for a quarter of a century!).


  1. One of my Christmas presents. I have just packed it for a "boys or old men" walking week near Machynlleth. No backpacking but a warm cottage.

  2. Loved out there I was bought it for xmas. I have your 3 books in my basket for amazon waiting till I get saved up enough to buy them your writing is inspiring me to walk more though not a patch on your treks.can't wait to read your American adventures of years ago