Friday 9 November 2018

Along The Divide: Some Good Reviews

I'm delighted that my latest book Along The Divide is receiving good reviews. Here's a selection - with links so you can read the whole review if you wish.

'There is a natural and captivating flow in his storytelling, while his palpable passion for his experiences transports readers into sharing his gruelling journey.

A highly recommended read for those who enjoy a bit of adventure.'

Alma Crespo The Scottish Field 

' There's something really magical about Chris's writing that transports the reader to another time and place in a way that works so well.

The blending together of the account of the walk itself with memories and reflections results in a book we would wholeheartedly recommend to walkers everywhere, whether you do your walking in boots or in an armchair.'

Undiscovered Scotland

'Along the Divide treads that skilful line between serious, important landscape writing and a damned good tale that you can kick back and read for the pleasure of reading.'

Alex Roddie The Great Outdoors 

'This is the first of Townsend’s books that I have read and it is not going to be the last .... thoroughly enjoyable travel book'

Paul Cheney Nudge 

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  1. I like to sign the positive reviews .. following the blog and publications of Chris for a long time and I'm am still thrilled .. feels like "a brother by heart" .. stay healthy and go on!