Saturday 15 December 2018

A video clip from my camp this week in Glen Feshie

I've been meaning to start making video clips for a while now and in Glen Feshie a few days ago I finally got round to it. I hope to make many more - and to work out how to improve the sound quality, which was affected by the wind.

The clip was  made with my Sony a6000 camera with Samyang 12mm f2 lens and edited in Lightroom. The slow speed of my PC and Broadband means it's taken a while!

Comments welcome.


  1. Nice video Chris - if you're using an external mic for the sound have you thought about using a windscreen?

    1. Thanks. I need an external mic. I was just using the in-built camera one.

  2. Nice clip Chris, looking forward to your future material too. I enjoy making films myself.
    Pity the A6000 doesn't have a mic jack. I recommend the Rode VideoMicro.

  3. Thanks Robin. I've discovered my NEX 7 has a mic jack so I'll use that when I get a mic.

  4. It's a rare day in the hills when there's no wind noise, and the narrative always seems so much better when it's recorded live, rather than dubbed later. The results from the Samyang lens look pretty good; especially so considering you weren't blessed with ideal lighting conditions.

    I use an Alpha 6000 myself sometimes; I'd really hoped somebody would have introduced a decent e-mount 300 or 400 mm prime by now, but without a prohibitive price tag. Maybe Samyang will be the ones to plug that gap.