Saturday, 12 January 2019

Tarptent Moment DW Review for The Great Outdoors

I've just posted my review of the 2019 version of the Tarptent Moment DW in my column on the TGO website.


  1. Thanks for the meticulous review. I use a Hilleberg Enan (the Kerlon 1000 version) and its been fine in some pretty foul conditions. Its a shame it does not have the cross pole though, but do I really need a cross pole?. I've recently bought a MLD Duomid, but have yet to set it up properly. I like the concept of dual vestibules on the Moment, but really, I find the Hilleberg Enan provides what I need. I hope to snowshoe the Kingsludden trail, and am wondering if the Hilleberg Soulo would be ideal? As I want the option to camp.

    1. Jay, I'd take the Duomid on the Kungsledden. I really like pyramid tents in winter conditions. The Soulo is a superb winter tent but it is heavy. I've had the Enan up in some foul conditions too. It's an excellent tent. The cross pole is only needed for heavy snow loads - if such was likely I wouldn't be using the Enan.

  2. Thanks Chris,great advice again, which has saved me £££!. I'm looking forward to using the Duomid.

  3. I've used a Moment a lot in UK, I use x4 long V-pegs which anchors it fine when there's soil of any sort, with the option to just use 4 rocks when not. But some parts of the tent do tend to flap up and down, eg the ends of the inner tent.

  4. Hi Chris . Great to see you have tried out a moment dw 2019. I have bought one by coincidence and set it up in my lounge so far thanks to the cross pole :). I have a Hilli Unna which is pretty fantastic i reckon but wanted something a bit lighter for summer. I have a laser comp1 again good tent but a bit cramped so i think the moment dw abit more room. First impression it has more relax space than laser comp1 , but im wondering if i should use a footprint as the floor looks a bit thin , how did you find the floor for sturdiness ? Will prob get most use on dartmoor ! This year Kind regards russell

  5. Hi Russell, I haven't used a footprint with the Moment DW and it's been fine but that's only half a dozen nights so far. The hydrostatic head isn't that high so for long-term use a footprint is probably a good idea. It is roomier than the Laser Comp.