Tuesday 26 February 2019

Good review of Along The Divide - and no, there isn't any product placement!

"An enjoyable and readable account of his travels."

"Discusses land use and conservation with passion".

"A neat and concise writer who entertains and informs".

These quotes are from a very nice review by Ian McPherson in the Spring 2019 issue of Backpack, the Journal of the Backpackers Club. Thank you!

At the end of the review Ian McPherson comments that he has one gripe, the frequency with which I name-check my shelter, and he wonders if there is a degree of commercial promotion. There isn't! I hadn't realised I'd named the shelter that often - and no-one else has commented on it - but doing so was because that's what I call it. Ironically, unlike most of the shelters I use, which are provided for test, I actually bought this one! (For those wondering it's the MLD Trailstar).

I'd like to state firmly that if I did any commercial promotion or product placement I would say so up front.

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