Saturday 3 August 2019

What I've Been Reading Online No.10: Nature

Meadow flowers, Strathspey, July 18

The second part of pieces I've enjoyed reading online recently covers nature. Next will be conservation.

Could we introduce lynx to Scotland?
A persuasive case from the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

The Lost Words: An Illustrated Dictionary of Poetic Spells Reclaiming the Language of Nature
A lovely review of Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris's wonderful The Lost Words by Maria Popova.

Storks are back in Britain - and they're a beacon of hope for us all
Isabella Tree welcomes the return of storks and the message it sends.

Ragwort: friend or foe?
Biologist and nature writer Paul Sterry shows how this common wildflower has a bad name for no good reason.

Fascinating Wolf Pictures Captured By Michigan Photographer Mark Graf
A wonderful set of photos.  

Wildflower Verge or Colourful Eyesore?
Paul Sterry makes the case for leaving roadside verges uncut. 

A Short History of Scotland's Lost Species 1: The Elk
First in a new and fascinating series byDavid Hetherington, author of the excellent 'The Lynx and Us' and Ecology Advisor at the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

Can camera trapping help capture predator ecology?
Studying predators and prey in the Cairngorms National Park.

A Short History of Scotland's Lost Species 2: The Bear
Second in David Hetherington's new series.

Bearded vultures soar again in Alps after breeding scheme
A successful wildlife comeback.

Can I take it home? Nature's collectibles and the law 
Mar Lodge ranger and nature writer Ben Dolphin looks at the complexities of the law regarding taking home bits of nature.

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