Friday 9 August 2019

On this day ... on the Continental Divide Trail in 1985

Squaretop Mountain, Wind River Range, August 9, 1985

On this day thirty-four years ago I was approaching Squaretop Mountains and the Wind River Range on the Continental Divide Trail. It was my seventy-second day and when I set up my tent that evening I'd walked 995 miles from the Canadian border.

Some journal entries from the day:

"A frost. -1C in the tent. Boots frozen! A clear sky ay 6 a.m."

"3 cups of coffee this morning. Where is that sun?!"

"7.45 - sunshine! Time to pack up and move."

"Mislaid route hopelessly".

"Pitched the tent on the edge of the trees and facing up the valley to the steep, rugged edge of the mountains. A grand view, pink with the last rays of the setting sun."

The words bring back memories, the aroma of the trees, the feel of the landscape, the excitement of the trail. Close my eyes and I could still be there.

Next week I will be. The Rocky Mountains.  Not the Wind River Range but Southern Colorado, following the CDT and the Colorado Trail for 400 miles.

Excitement is building.

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