Tuesday 26 November 2019

Recent Online Reading No.12

Carn Ban Mor. November 18

Here's what I've enjoyed reading online in the last three weeks.

Walking for Mental Health: A Summit Camp on Sgur na Stri
A solo camp on Sgurr na Stri is redemptive for Sarah Jane Douglas.

Cairn Gorm: A Vision For The Future
I can see Cairn Gorm from my house so I have a personal concern for the future of this abused mountain. Here George Allan looks at the proposals from a group of five voluntary organisations (I'm a member of three of them) for its restoration.

Scottish Salmon's dark secret 
John D. Burns (author of Sky Dance, which I review here) looks at the environmental and animal welfare problems of fish farms.

Expert Tips for Walking Further and Faster
Dan Bailey asks three big route pros for advice.

Climate change - lessons from Australia?
On a visit to Australia Parkwatch Scotland's Nick Kempe writes about travel and climate change.

 'We want to keep our forest' - why Guyana's wilderness needs visitors
More on travel in the age of climate change. Kevin Rushby visits Guyana.

The Camera Needn't Lie
Interesting thoughts on realism in landscape photography.

The Landscapes Review - The Future of National Parks is in Our Hands
Paul Besley considers the Glover Review, the first official appraisal of England's National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Earth Does Not Speak In Prose
Thought-provoking conversation between Charlotte Du Cann and Paul Kingsworth about writing in times of catastrophe.

Listening to Nature: The Emerging Field of Bioacoustics
Adam Welz looks at a fascinating new remote-sensing conservation tool.

Tending Soil 
Emma Marris explores our ancient kinship with soil.

Down the Rabbit Hole with James Roddie and Mike Webster
Alex Roddie writes about his brother James Roddie and his complicated relationship with mental health and the outdoors and the new film by Mike Webster about this.

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