Saturday 30 May 2020

The Great Outdoors May issue

Here's a belated look at the May issue of The Great Outdoors, which I've only just seen. As the June issue is already out this issue has gone from shop shelves but you can still buy it direct from the publishers

My gear pieces in this issue are a review of the gear I used on my Colorado Rockies walk last year and a report on eight solo tents.

Also in the gear pages Judy Armstrong reviews six pairs of women's walking trousers.

I also contributed to a piece on best wild camps along with eight others including Alex Roddie, James Forrest, Phoebe Smith, and Terry Abraham.

The other big features are Ronald Turnbull on crossing Rannoch Moor, and Ellen Tort camping on a portaledge in the Wye Valley.

Also in this issue there are suggestions for keeping up your spirits during lockdown, with the perspectives of some outdoor enthusiasts including myself; a readers group led by Hanna Lindon discussing Andy Cave's Learning to Breathe; Roger Smith on the importance of the outdoors for all of us; Roger again on the first spring for 40 years without a TGO Challenge; and Jim Perrin praising magnificent Bla Bheinn on Skye.


  1. Hi Chris, first of all thanks for all of your writing and reviews. They are even more important during lockdown. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to ask specific gear questions but, having read the May edition of TGO, I wanted to ask you how the Trailstar compares to the lightweight solo tents you reviewed. I live in Scotland so would need an inner tent which would add to the weight but even so the package would be as light as the lightweight tents. Finally, with ookworks out of business, do you have experience of other inners, e.g. MLD's own Trailstar inner? best wishes, Stephen

  2. Hi Stephen, thanks. I'm happy to answer specific queries. The Trailstar is more stable and roomier than any of the solo tents reviewed. In fact it's better than any lightweight solo tent I've ever used, which is why it's been my choice for long walks for many years. I have used the MLD inner and it's ok. I only use an inner in midge season. Otherwise I just use a groundsheet. Best wishes, Chris