Monday 30 November 2020

What I've Been Reading Online No.28

Cairn Lochan, November 20

Only twelve days since I last posted links to online reading I've enjoyed but there's been plenty to read since so here's another list, including pieces on avalanches, outdoor gear, deer, rewilding, star jelly, grouse shooting, and more.


Avalanches in Scotland - interview with Mark Diggins

Helen Webster of Walk Highlands interviews Scottish Avalanche Information Service co-ordinator and senior forecaster for the Cairngorms, Mark Diggins.

Walkers celebrate famous bothy after 100 years of saving lives in Scots wilderness

Corrour Bothy in the Cairngorms has been a refuge for 100 years. Laura Smith talks to Ralph Storer about his new book on the bothy.

The Moth and the Mountain by Ed Caesar review – bonkers but beautiful

Sam Woolaston reviews a book about Maurice Wilson and the strangest ever Everest expedition.

Kit List - what I carry and why

After nearly walking 4000 miles solo on her European journey One Woman Walks describes the gear she uses.

The Digital Dilemma 

Hendrik Morkel of Hiking In Finland wonders whether he really wants to be connected when out in the wilds.

Today Was A Gift

A lovely lyrical essay by landscape photographer and writer David Russell on a visit to a special tree in Gleann Einich.

"The Fox of Glencoe" - Hamish MacInnes RIP

Heavy Whalley on mountaineering and mountain rescue legend Hamish MacInnes who died recently.

Climbing out of the fog into sunshine is a profound experience says Ben Dolphin.

 Alex Roddie selects favourite quotes from an excellent book on a long Scottish winter walk.

Trees, November 28


Star Jelly 

Tim Melling looks at this strange gooey substance. Just what is it?
"The static world these bureaucrats worship is slipping away. And that is good."
 Derek Gow on rewilding, farming, and what 'New Nature' means to him.
 How The Shooting Industry Is Exploiting The Legacy Of The Clearances
For conservationists, reducing deer numbers is necessary to restore landscapes in the Scottish Highlands – but it’s proving controversial. David Lintern takes a closer look.

From rewilding to forest schools, our attitude to nature is changing for the better
Melissa Harrison sees hope in the many recent developments in attitudes to nature.

Nature Writing and Gender
A look at women's nature writing by Daphne Pleace.

How medieval Christian ideology changed the Polish environment forever

Medieval historian Amanda Power describes how religious beliefs led to the destruction of the forests in 14th century Poland.
Scotland is facing a nature crisis. We need to fix it. 
Jim Crumley on the biodiversity crisis in Scotland and what can be done about it.
SNP announces intention to license driven grouse shooting – early thoughts
Writer High Webster looks at the welcome Scottish government plan to license driven grouse shooting and considers what it means. 

Through the trees to the mountains, November 28




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