Thursday 15 December 2022

If you love books support writers, publishers, and indepedent bookshops.


My Sandstone Press books

Publishing is going through a hard time at present. Big rises in paper costs, transport and energy are all having a major negative effect on publishers, retailers, and writers like me. 

If you value books and magazines buying them is of course the way to do so. How you buy makes a difference though. Directly from the publisher is best, both for books and for magazines (subscriptions save you money too). You can subscribe here to The Great Outdoors, the magazine I write for every month.

Next for books is an independent bookshop. These wonderful places support small publishers and local writers and are great for browing and chatting about books. If buying online supports independent book shops. I use and find it very efficient.

Sandstone Press publish four of my recent books. You can buy them here.  

My latest book is a walking guide to the Torridon region, published by Cicerone Press, who also publish my big book on the Scottish Mountains.


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