Saturday 31 December 2022

Favourite Photographs I Took In 2022

Cairn Toul & Sgor an Lochain Uaine

Going through the 3500+ images I took in 2022 to find my favourites is a pleasant if time-consuming task. It's a useful way of analysing my photography too and considering if any themes or changes from past years emerge. Looking at the photos selected I see an interest in complex cloud landscapes and tree details. I wonder if this will continue next year!

Clouds & ridges above the Lairig Ghru

All the images were taken with my Sony a6000 camera and Sony E 18-135 lens. Looking at the data in Lightroom I obviously like the longer end of the zoom lens, with none of the images having focal lengths below 43m  (64.5mm full frame equivalent). I like zooming in! Maybe next year I'll think more about wide angle images.

Oak tree

In previous years I've chosen an image from each month. This year I haven't done this as it meant omitting some photos I really like and also a sequence of five images from just one evening. 

Split sky with Bynack More

These are the images I like because I can see new details every time I look at them. I like the complexity. I did take many  conventional landscape images - the sort I'd submit for magazine articles and guide books - and I do like many of these. They don't affect me in the same way as these images though.

Autumn forest

I also took many photos of camps and people. Some of the first can be seen in my post on favourite camps of 2022. One of these, the first in the post, could have featured here.

Clouds in the Lairig Ghru

All the images were taken in the Cairngorms National Park, four of them in woods near home, the rest in the mountains. 

Dark & Light

The Lairig Ghru


Birch in autumn


Oak tree

Clouds in the Lairig Ghru


The final five images are a sequence taken from Ben Macdui of the crescent moon over Cairn Toul. They bring back memories of a wonderful, wonderful evening.

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