Saturday 19 May 2012

TGO Challenge 2: Mist & Drizzle to Newtonmore.

Day 7: In Melgarve Bothy

Two days over the Corrieyairick Pass to Newtonmore in drizzle, low cloud and a bitter east wind. Hills mostly hidden but many birds and deer plus spring flowers low down. Read most of the way- a Kindle in a waterproof cover is amazing! Overnight in Melgarve Bothy where I slept on sofa cushions so no need for thin foam mat. Yesterday three knee deep fords in Glen Banchor as rain and snowmelt poured off the hills.

Last night in excellent Newtonmore Hostel where I heard tales of tents flooded, walkers swept down burns and waist deep snow in the Lairig Ghru. There will be stories told of this Challenge for many years!

Equipped with an old Therm-A-Rest, dropped off by friends in Newtonmore, I'm now heading for the Cairngorms to see what the snow is like.


  1. Sounds a real adventure! Stay safe.

  2. I still remember that bothy. I had a nice dehydrated beef stew there a few years back. Take care in the snow and stream crossings.

  3. Didn't fancy staying at Melgarve the day I came over the Pass. It was freezing so I just pressed on to Laggan. It was my first Challenge and it certainly was a challenge. I was swept into a burn myself at one point, in upper Glen Feshie. I'll certainly do another one but maybe in a couple of years.