Friday 2 August 2013

The Speed of Light: Loch Morlich at Dusk

The Beginning: 8.22pm
The Build-Up: 8.30pm
The Finale: 8.35pm

Returning from a walk on the Cairngorm Plateau under overcast skies I sensed a lightning of the clouds as I drove past Loch Morlich so I stopped and strolled down to the shore. Thin clouds were reflected in the gently breeze rippled water and although the sun had set the sky to the north was brightening rather than darkening. Within a few minutes the clouds were turning orange and pink, colours that rapidly intensified to create a glorious scene. Then, after less than a quarter than an hour, the light faded and greyness returned. But for a while it was wonderful, a brief flash of colour on an otherwise subdued day.

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